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an association of people daring to make a difference through sharing and caring

UCA Mandate

Devoted to helping members have a life filled with caring for themselves, their family, friends, communities and the globe at large.

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Be the Solution
contribute to non-profits that save lives

UCA Mission

UCA has a mission called C.A.R.E., which is devoted to helping those who cannot speak for themselves or are not being heard.


we fund and support projects for Save the Rain, a 501c3 dedicated to saving children in Africa from death due to water starvation, contamination and water born disease.


we fund and support projects for Humanity for Horses, a 501c3 dedicated to saving animals from needless death due to abandonment and abuse.


we fund and support senior centers by donating materials that help make transition more fulfilling. We also create outings and activities to bring them happiness and joy.


we fund and support projects dedicated to restoring our planet through reforestation, rain water harvesting, implementing passive irrigation systems and other conservation efforts.

Our Movement

Caring is a way to bridge the gap between opposites,
bringing together
men and women
rich and poor
strong and weak
healthy and sick
educated and non-educated
leaders and followers
animals and humans
humans and environment.
We can only make progress towards global unification
if we join together and learn from one another.
We need to embrace our differences.
It is with this respect and grace that
we open the doors to a richer way of life.
Thus, this coats the world with justice and peace.

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