Congratulations to our Winners!

We recently asked high schools juniors and seniors to write essays on caring.
All entries were sent a $50 gift and fifteen students were awarded bigger prizes.

Ten 1st Place Winners $333

Dominique Olibrice – Manchester, NH
Jewel Delcastillo – Jacksonville, FL
Do Hyun Kang – Auckland, New Zealand
Alyssa Foreman – Lake Charles, LA
Manushri Desai – Henderson, NV
Ian T. Young – Del Rio, TX
Rathna Reddy – Las Vegas, NV
Michael Hsu – Monterey, CA
Sam Chase – Mt Shasta, CA
Mason Herzog – Grants Pass, OR

Five Honorable Mentions $100

Ja’maizia Shon’tavia Wallace – Lizella, GA
Cora Fesler – Mt. Shasta, CA
Seth Greenberg – Seaside, CA
Kerrin Bates – Deer Park, NY
Jaidyn Farmer – Grants Pass, OR

We were so impressed with all the submissions that we decided to send every student who entered a $50 thank you encouraging them to continue to share care.

UCA created the writing essay to encourage youth to think about how they demonstrate and experience care in their lives. The association is excited to award students for promoting a more caring world. Some of the notable quotes from scholarship winners include:

“Throughout the scholarship, we have been tweeting youth quotes and we plan to continue to highlight these insights in order to inspire the UCA caring community,” states UCA Marketing and Communications Director, Christine Greenberg.

UCA is devoted to helping its members have a life filled with caring for themselves, family, friends, communities and the world at large. UCA has a mission called C.A.R.E., which is devoted to helping those who cannot speak for themselves or are not being heard. The C.A.R.E. mission teams with projects committed to helping children, animals, reforestation and the elders.