Congratulations to our Winners!

We recently asked the members of Pico Youth and Family Center to write an essay on how they plan to live a life that promotes peace and unity 

There were 5 scholarship recipients, each winning $333. 

Five Scholarship Recipients $333

Elias Benefiel
Flora Chavez
Nehemiah Thompson
Princeton Sparrow
Jourdan Harris

Three 2nd Place Scholarship Recipients $100

Reginald Barnett
Christopher Love
Julian Sparrow

We were so impressed with all the submissions that we decided to send every student who entered a $50 thank you encouraging them to continue to promote peace and unity.

UCA created the writing essay to encourage the members to tell us how they plan to live a life that promotes peace and unity. The association is excited to award them for promoting a more caring world. Some of the notable quotes from scholarship winners include:

UCA is devoted to helping its members have a life filled with caring for themselves, family, friends, communities and the world at large. UCA has a mission called C.A.R.E., which is devoted to helping those who cannot speak for themselves or are not being heard. The C.A.R.E. mission teams with projects committed to helping children, animals, reforestation and the elders.