Imagine a world where random acts of kindness are not a surprise. Imagine people putting others before themselves and serving their communities. If I were the president of the United States, our country would be built on these characteristics. I would promote peace and unity by creating a more caring environment for citizens. We need to ensure we treat others with respect and acknowledge that not everyone’s life is flawless. We all have feelings, all have our own interests, and all desire to be wanted. If we are all feel wanted and loved, a peaceful surrounding will come with time. Today, many people feel unwanted in their own communities and it has created tension, and has divided our country. I would implement laws to protect citizens and ensure that they are being cared for. Under these laws, people are expected to do things for others and focus on them for an amount of time. Caring acts reduce hate and division in our country. To ensure the growth of our country peace, and caring acts needs to be the foundation.

My goal in the summer of 2016, was to do my part to help improve this country. I was fortunate enough to actively see a charity whose main purpose was to promote peace. This charity was run by our local church, and was named “San Francisco City Impact.” The mission trip I was able to attend was in the inner city of San Francisco in the Tenderloin District. The Tenderloin District is a hub of drugs, alcohol, violence, and brokenness. Through my week-long mission, I was able to see what the act of kindness did to such a broken community. During my stay, simple conversations provided comfort to the people in the community, and gave them a sliver peace in their chaotic world. Each day, we brought the people in need food, clothing, or other basic materials. This small act of kindness changed the people’s attitude for the better and brought a smile to their face.

What I learned from this experience was the act of caring. When we were able to care for the people, a sense of calmness and peace fulfilled the people’s lives. They were able to joy and even some hope. I imagine that some turned their day around for the better and maybe even ensured an act of kindness for someone else. Caring for others makes a more compassionate community. This act of caring would be very beneficial in my Presidential philosophy because I believe the country can benefit as a whole. When we all come together and care for others it builds unity. If a country comes together and focuses on the needs of others, and ensures they are met, we will all be able to live content lives. In our rejuvenated lives, we will be able to unite with others and grow as a whole. We will all be better off and have more opportunities to gain happiness from the act of putting others before ourselves.