If I was president, the first thing I would do is create a cabinet full of people from different backgrounds and are specialized in their fields. Making my closest group of employers ones with diverse ideas and standpoints allows me to understand not only their perspectives but also those they could be representing. After that I would also establish a conference to discuss issues with different people on the margins of society: the elderly, disabled, poor, immigrants, and more. Hearing their opinions and ideas will help me as President keep them in mind while making decisions that could influence their lives. Creating a space to allow their voices to be heard without being pushed away will also create trust in with the government. I would also make a stronger stance against climate change, and push the U.S. as a whole towards cleaner and more efficient energy, and create an educational program about this in the public school systems. A higher level of education of different religions would be important to me and also allowing people to fully understand other people’s perspectives. Currently people only look at their religion and do not focus on learning about different ones. I feel like this is dangerous because it is one small look on the world instead of realizing what a religion as a whole stands for. If you put all of this together, each person would be using their civil right as an American to educate themselves on different aspects of society. Internationally, I would reconnect with the Paris Climate Agreement. Putting ourselves on the same list as only Syria and Nicaragua (two countries that did not sign) degrades our reputation across the world and shows that we are only in this for our individual gain. If we want clean air, water, and just a better life, it should not be about if climate change is real or not, it should be focused on what we can do on a national level and on a personal one as well. We can rebuild our nuclear deal with Iran, and ease the tension with their government. To go even further with this, I would discharge all of our nuclear weapons so we do not look like a threat, while also keeping other defenses if a war in the future breaks out. I would create a stronger stance on North Korea without threatening to use mass weapons of destruction. It is scary to think how easily our country could break out into war with them. Figuring out with other countries how we should work with North Korea is something very prominent in the list of things that need to be done. As President, I will lead us in strengthening our ties with U.S. allies to help us take down ISIS. Instead of working separately on this issue, talking together about how we want to go about this group and discuss the immigration of people from the affected countries would establish a more communal response to the terror. By working with other countries and hearing their concerns about how something we are doing is affecting them, we can create a better level of respect for the future.