Generally, to promote world peace is to commit to yourself first, and once you can accommodate with the self changes towards peace, only then will you be able to see the change in the world around you. Not only would self progress demonstrate the true power of commitment, but it could more than likely improve one’s life and well being as a person in all. In the bigger picture, once a singular person within a community is acting on good morals, provided the community surrounding said person is open minded, the community as a whole should see better results in terms of getting along with each other. Tensions between North Korea and the United States only rose after North Korea was testing nuclear weapons, unsanctioned. The reason the United States is taking action is because we believe that a nuclear warfare would not solve anything. Unfortunately, things may not swing to a peaceful resolution, and the next world war has a chance to uprise.

Though this is happening, radical thinkers believe that all North Koreans, and in some cases, all Koreans, are the root of the problem. In World War 2, this was the same unjustified case. Understanding that the actions of a country is not representative of the entire population is another way to step forward and make a difference. Not only that, but taking initiative when discrimination is unfolding could possibly turn the tide in the war for peace. This ties into committing to self peace, and this is where you can start. Even if you don’t believe peace is the right way, then the most you can do to prevent the world from further hurting itself is to find another way to help the Earth. Start a hobby that helps people, whether it’s beneficial for a small scale, or world changing. It’s still a peaceful resolution.

Aside from anything we could do in our own communities, there is still an underlying threat against our world. Terrorism has been the center of today’s frightening events, and they have everyone worried, rightfully so. They could range from the recent subway station bombing in France, to a school shooting in America, and it happens in the blink of an eye. The biggest terrorist attack in America to date, 9/11, left America in shock and ruins, but it only gave radical thinkers another thing to hate. Unfortunately, following the event came a fear of the Muslim community in America, where people had blamed innocent lives for things they had no control over, even then, attacks on innocent people rose. Violence only leads to more violence without self control.

The problem within doesn’t just start with this generation and political power in the world, but the up and coming generations that follow. Teaching the children of tomorrow of how to accept someone’s religious backgrounds, dismiss ethnicity, and respect everyone as a person is the next big step we can take towards a more generous society. This in itself can turn the tides in disagreements with countries and politicians, and help people explore what they love easier, whether it be science to better medicine, technology to make life easier, and communication, to help people connect, like we should. The first step, however, starts with the individual.