In this day and age, almost every topic you come across is controversial. It is hard to have an amicable conversation with a person who disagrees with you. The United States of America was built on the ideas of freedom and diversity. Not only is each person entitled to their fundamental rights, but they are also entitled to their own opinion. If I were the president, I would take the initiative to meet with citizens. Instead of forcing my opinion down their throats, I would welcome the various beliefs presented. I would teach them that they can disagree with the person sitting next to them. As a young person today, I often find it difficult to speak up, in fear of being shot down. This is not the way things should be.

One major source of aggressive opinions is the media. Although the media does a phenomenal job keeping the public well-informed, the political aspect of the news can be quite atrocious. Along with this, political figures and educators play a substantial role in the way we are brought up. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on the leader’s character. I remember a middle school teacher I had who grasped onto my faint interest in politics. She watered the seed by encouraging me to watch the State of the Union and to analyze the different political ideas. Not once did she try to force me to see things “her way,” and for that I was thankful. This small seed has since blossomed into an educated young woman who aspires to make a difference.

The media often portrays two mainstream political parties in a heated debate. Occasionally the debate can prove to be very educational, but some disagreements can be extremely counterproductive. Most often, these arguments don’t end well. For example, in the instance of a government shutdowns, thousands of public sector employees are sent home without pay. Staff cutbacks at the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) lead to unprocessed loans and the delay of benefits for military veterans. Moreover, a government shutdown costs the United States billions of dollars. However, the politicians who caused the shutdown remain unaffected. They continue to get paid, regardless of all the disruptions they cause. If the politicians of tomorrow can learn from the mistakes of our current politicians, someday our government will prosper like never before. As the president, I would encourage citizens to engage in healthy, constructive conversations about their differing opinions. Being a young person myself, I know that my generation has a lot to offer.

The president of the United States is the head of the state. This role comes with huge responsibility. As president, it would be my job to lead by example. I would demonstrate patience and compassion. I would teach that in this lifetime, we are going to meet people from all walks of life. I would explain that being open-minded is easier said than done, and that others won’t always want listen to what you have to say. I would strive to go above and beyond the surface because, as president, it is not only my job to lead our citizens into the next week; it is also my job to prepare our people for life