As a member of Unified Caring Association, you become a part of the UCA CARE program! UCA CARE teams with projects that benefit those who cannot speak for themselves. Our CARE partner projects assist non-profits to create meaningful change in the world through caring. UCA CARE projects focus on creating improvement through caring in the areas of Children, Animals, Reforestation and the Elderly. When you join UCA you contribute to the caring!


 Our CARE projects for children focus on promoting emotional intelligence by providing emotional intelligence resources, offering caring scholarships and providing caring gifts to young developing minds.


We team with non-profit projects that are dedicated to the protection and well-being of animals.  Projects facilitate animal rescue, animal care and animal sanctuary.  UCA CARE projects for animals have saved animal lives through rescue, food and shelter initiatives.


We team with non-profit projects that are dedicated to the repair and restoration of our environmental health through reforestation efforts.  Projects include tree planting, rain-water harvesting and conservation initiatives.  UCA reforestation CARE projects have helped to plant 5,000 trees.


We team with senior centers to provide meaningful social outings for seniors.  CARE projects for Elders have an emphasis on connection and community, in an effort to help combat feelings of loneliness and disconnection.  Our Elder program has provided assistance to seniors in need of help covering heating, electricity and burial provisions.

Unified Caring Association was founded in 1987.  In 2012, the name was changed to Unified Caring Association because we, as a team observed that caring is what the world needed and still needs most. To date, UCA has over 150,000 members.  It is devoted to help members have a life filled with caring for themselves, family, friends, communities and the world at large.

UCA has a mission called C.A.R.E. The mandate is devoted to team with projects for those who cannot speak for themselves…

Children – Animals – Reforestation – Elderly

Although the UCA CARE program’s core areas of focus are projects that help children, animals, reforestation and the elderly, we do not limit ourselves to just these areas. Other CARE projects we have had a focus on is providing support to Veterans, addiction treatment programs, victims of natural disasters, and survivors of sex-trafficking to name a few.

UCA caring knows no bounds – we endeavor to be where ever caring is needed!