Being President has a lot of responsibilities. Among the many responsibilities that the President of the United States has is to promote peace and unity among all nations. If I were president a couple things that I would do to promote peace and unity is encouraging Americans to learn a foreign language, promote service opportunities not only in local communities, but in other countries as well, and I would have the school boards emphasize the horror of war in school.

Learning a foreign language can be hard. I have taken Spanish, and am currently taking Chinese, and one thing that I have noticed is that those countries have very different cultures than us in the United States of America. Because of these different cultures, we tend to think differently, and are close minded to new ideas that might not be deemed acceptable in the U.S, but are acceptable in different places. Learning foreign languages also makes it easier for every day, ordinary people to communicate with people from those countries. Many other countries learn English in school, and because of this they have many advantages in life. Learning a foreign language would promote communication with other countries, to share innovative ideas, and discuss current events. Doing this would undoubtedly help with being peaceful, and being unified because if there is a disagreement, we can talk about it and communicate our ideas clearly with each other.

Service is an important part of our society. Serving other people helps us, and them feel good. We feel good to help someone, and they feel good because they were helped by someone to do something that might not have been possible without them. When natural disasters happen, companies like Red Cross send people, and supplies to help them get back on their feet, and clean up the destruction that has happened. This shows that we are human, and it helps us connect with the people of that country and help them in their time of need. This will subsequently help us with the unity between that country and the U.S.

School is where kids go to learn how to become an adult. They learn many life, and career skills. One of my favorite subjects is history. In history class we learn about what has happened in the past, so that we don’t make the same mistakes to repeat that happened before. It would be very beneficial if history classes spent a little more time on war. Not the battles that were fought, but why they were fought, and how the war affected the world at the time. War is usually a terrible thing, and we should try to avoid it. It is a last resort, after everything else has been done. Kids learning about war, and why it is bad would be beneficial for the world and would promote peace and unity on Earth.

In conclusion if I were president I would have Americans learn a foreign language, I would emphasize service opportunities in the world, and I would have schoolboards emphasize war and why it is bad. These, I think, are the best things that a president can do to promote peace and unity today in this crazy world.