In the United States alone, consisting of 50 states, the population is over 320 million people. I have learned that keeping peace and unity within a small group can be challenging but having to promote peace and unity within the whole of the United States it could be nearly impossible. The United States is a country known to have “internal” conflicts. For example, the Civil War, also known as “The War between States”, is an event that shows our internal conflicts.

The history of the United States can be very cringy, but innovation and societal ideas have grown a lot in the right direction over the course of time. We are a country that firmly believes in equality, independence, diversity, unity, and action/work orientation. America has developed into a country that invites change. Deriving from a small part of the world known as New England, that had operated slave systems, that held attacks on indigenous tribes, that enforced their religious beliefs upon others, we as a society have come to agreements, have had revolutions, have spoken out for the minority. And with that, this country has grown a lot since the beginning of ‘New England’. Since then peace and unity has become a goal that is more likely to be reached.

Although peace and unity has been more promoted in our states, we are not yet there. Unfortunately, we still have discrimination against race, sexual orientation, age, etc. within the United States. This leads to our societal goals of equality/unity to be contradicted. It’s obvious you’re not born racist, you are influenced by what you are surrounded with when growing up, and this is how you usually tend to act as you grow into an adult. As a minority, Native American, I have experienced discrimination and as President, I would address this problem and try to influence everyone in the country to learn that there are many cultures, that there are many differences between us all in the United States alone, and we must learn to respect each other.

Personally, I have taken on roles that challenge me to constantly try and maintain peace and unity among a group, so if I was the President of the United States I would try to promote these goals by the same routines I use on any other small group. I would encourage Americans to be respectful and help others in need. I would encourage the country as a whole to cooperate in human interests and try to rid of any discriminating lines. Meaning to look past race, religion, sexual orientation, and age.

I’d speak out and sponsor groups to help the homeless, to help communities in need, and mainly offer a helping hand to those in need. To promote peace and unity, you must lead by example, and you must give people the opportunity to help with the cause. Small steps are just as important as big steps. It is in my best interest as president to get the ball moving and open the public’s eyes to the not so pretty side of this country, to let them see what they may be trying to blind themselves to. We are only as great as our ugliest flaw, and we have many. Bringing attention to these would be my first step.