President of the United States! That’s a huge responsibility, one which I would be humbled and honored to have one day. Peace and Unity are two perfect goals to work towards during a presidency, but how does one achieve them! I offer my proposition from the book, “Be Your Best Self” by Thomas S. Monson, who proposes six ways of being a successful leader. The first is to have faith. Faith in the people you serve, faith in God, and faith in prayer. Second, they live as they teach and are habitually honest with themselves and others. Third, they work willingly and without procrastination. Fourth, they lead with love not by constant scolding or criticism. Fifth, they are prepared mentally, physically, and spiritually. Sixth, a successful leader achieves results by setting goals for themselves and the people they serve and then they work measurably towards them. I would be a President that leads in Thomas S. Monson’s way.

I would also look at problems plainly. Our national debt is a problem and needs to be fixed. If we want peace we can’t continue to fall into recessions expecting a war to pull us out every 7-10 years. As President, I would decrease government spending and increase taxes slightly. America’s government need not be in debt.

We also have the opportunity to end extreme poverty in the next 20 years as the United Nations pushes new proposals and movements for such action, more information on that can be found in this wonderful sociology video Africa and other areas of the world are on the verge of industrial revolution, by aiding them in their endeavor we’ll bring our world into a new golden age of peace, unity, and growth.

Another clear problem I would work towards reforming is educational competition. Currently, tons of smaller, less developed countries are outperforming us in education. The difference is seen across the board: in successful countries the money is attached to students, allowing them and their parents to choose where they go to school. By allowing parents to choose, if teachers aren’t succeeding in teaching their kids, the kids just switch schools, weeding out bad schools. Currently, schools K-12 are treated with kid gloves and have been denied improvement for over a century. Attaching money to students instead of schools will increase competition, breeding success, innovation, and even costs less. More information on that can be found here:

The buck doesn’t stop there! As President, I’d encourage economic competition by having everyone pay into a Medicare system that everyone benefits from, but still allowing businesses to compete in said system. That way competition continues to increase and breed innovative ideas while everyone is protected by health insurance. That is a complicated idea and I’m still working on solutions, but as President, I would push cheap health insurance for all. The healthier we are, the better we feel and the more peaceful, unified people we become.

Overall, as President, I would stress love and service. As we love and serve one another unselfishly I know peace and unity will abound. I’ll end with a quote from the Prince of Peace, “Be not weary in well-doing. … Out of small things proceedeth that which is great” D&C 64:33-34.