What causes peace and unity to be disturbed and out of balance? Most people understand and believe peace is freedom from war and violence. Thus, generally speaking the answer to the previous question would be violence and/or war. This leads to the question what initiates violence? Is it the will for power? Desperation? Or is it just flat out hatred for others?  Truly, the list could go on and on with all of these being a reason. I believe the main cause of peace disturbance around the world is desperation.

Humans can be swayed by a myriad of notions, ideas that persuade them to make unwise choices. Indeed, no one man on earth today is perfect, without weakness, flawless. Consequently, there are people who will do almost anything out of desperation. When people are desperate, almost without doubt, their worst side comes out, sometimes to the point of committing a crime. Imagine this scene, which we have everywhere today, a homeless person with absolutely nothing but the clothes on their back, who hasn’t eaten in days. Sadly, the temptation to steal food is real. I have seen too many times homeless people eating food out of a garbage can out of desperation.

People can be desperate about anything and everything, whether it is the desire or need for power, food, family, love, being recognized as the best. My concern is how can we solve this “desperation?” As President of the United States, I would fix this problem not by putting a huge piece of duct-tape over it for a short-term solution; but I would go about fixing it by stitching it up one stitch at a time aiming for a long-term solution.

I believe the way to resolve this problem is stitch by stitch, starting at a young age. If we emphasize teaching younger kids the importance of love, kindness and the idea of paying-it-forward, I know the problem of desperation would begin to stitch itself up. We, the adults, are the example. When we start with simple things like smiling at someone or lending a hand to someone in need, we begin the first step on the climb to peace. During the climb, taking one step at a time, doing the small things, caring for each other, we begin to achieve unity and trust. Unity and trust is key on the climb to peace. If we don’t have unity as a country, how are we going to achieve peace in the world?

As President, I would focus on our country being united with one another, being able to trust each other. This begins with me, as president, to be honest. As we work toward accomplishing and maintaining trust, unity, and perfecting the pay-it-forward process, as President, I would also aim my attention to the problems of education and employment. Desperate people are seeking for equal opportunities. I would help people receive equal opportunities from birth. More specifically equal opportunity of education for everyone. Trying my best each day, to bring out the “good” side in everyone, making it easier to have unity and love. I know there isn’t a “perfect solution,” but I believe if we take a simple, long-term solution approach, we will be able to achieve peace and unity.