Mother Teresa once said, “Only humility will lead us to unity, and unity to peace.” Unity is the state of being united or joined as a whole. Peace is the freedom from disturbance, summoning quiet and tranquility. Without unity, you simply cannot have peace. Vice Versa–without peace, you cannot truly have unity. This allows our community, state, country, and our world to advance as one while improving the lives of those within. It is not optional to create a world with peace and unity but a natural and human right that we all must demand. With this in mind, it is crucial that America promote peace and unity through leadership, in order to change the world.

You may liken unity to a fire. Both unity and peace can be embodied in the image of a single flame. For example, a wildfire begins with a spark–which is ironic, because you cannot stop a wildfire without extraordinary effort. Unity and peace can be started, much like this metaphorical wildfire, with a single impetus.

The president of the United States holds this match of change. As president, I will make it my obligation to promote peace and unity not only within our country but globally. It may not come right away, but with persistence and determination, my efforts will prevail and change the world.

I will spark the wildfire that leads to global peace and security. I will define what unity and peace are throughout my presidency. I will demonstrate unity and peace domestically and internationally. This will trickle down to every facet of life. I will dare the American people to follow in my footsteps and promote this movement that will change our world forever.

Defining what peace and unity are will act as the basic groundwork that will allow humanity to move forward. There is no correct definition of peace and unity, and it will be my job to create this one universal and unifying definition. If all Americans have the same definition, we will all strive for the maximum well-being for the maximum number of people. These new definitions will act as a compass for this new society we want to create. This issue, as it stands currently, does not have enough attention and support. My presidency will bring light to this problem and tackle it at the source — hatred and bigotry.

I will dare all of America and the world to follow my footsteps, creating peace and unity at home and abroad. This challenge is one that will change American lives and the lives of billions more. Daring the American people to in itself will promote peace and unity, harnessing the power of the people, the power of change.

Together we will spark this wildfire. The spark, a redefinition of our terms.  The flame, a demonstration of nationwide peace.  The inferno, a world afire with a partnership with equality and a celebration of diversity.  This everlasting flame, a hearth changing the lives of not only this generation but generations to come. If our movement does not prevail now, it will never prevail. President or not, I will strive to change the world in any way I can — through peace and unity.