If I were President of the United States, I feel the best way to promote peace and unity would be to show others what makes people human. We all belong to one race called the human race and it is about time that people start seeing that. If people took a moment to put an end to discrimination based on race, culture, gender, sexuality, or even social standing, we might come to realize that we are all not so different. People often discriminate against groups of people because they do not understand a view point other than that of their own. That is why the only way to overcome intolerance, is through education.

This education would need to begin in schools with younger children. Children are the key to future and they need to be the first to understand that the world is not seen in black and white, and that they should expand their own horizons so that they would be able to extend the hand of friendship to those who are seen today as different. As President, I would promote nationwide education programs in schools that would take kids around the world in their very own classrooms. If kids at a young, impressionable age were introduced to new perspectives on life, they will not fear the unknown that is other peoples lives. As part of the campaign, I would send speakers to schools. These speakers could be from any background that is often discriminated against. They would provide the students with an inside look on their own lives and the things that they have experienced. The minorities are more often then not suffer injustices and hopefully these stories will motivate kids to take a stand against inequality to improve the quality of life tomorrow.

Even though change begins with children, we must not forget the older generations who make up the rest of our nation and the world. However, it is commonly thought that it would be difficult to change the view of an older person. I personally do not believe that that is correct. In life, we all deal with our own struggles. Of course, no one has the same struggles in life but we can all relate to the hardships. Like I said earlier, it is children who must begin the change and they will take the change home to their parents. They will tell stories of what they learned to their parents and the parents will learn as well. Refusing to acknowledge the differences that make each human themselves, is simply ignorance. As President, I will spread knowledge that will destroy the intolerance and ignorance. I will show myself working with others all over the world despite our differences that people use to say that we are not good enough. I will choose to promote human kindness throughout my entire presidency. I know that the world could be a better place if for once people stopped looking at what makes us different to set up walls, we would instead embrace the differences to make the human race stronger.