Medical Savings, Discounts & Insurance

Let us help you get access to additional benefits that may be available to you which include medical discounts, savings, services and insurance benefits.

In addition to our mission oriented benefits and services available in our core membership here at, other membership benefits may be available in your area. If you are interested in a membership that includes additional savings, services and insurance benefits, you can either email or call to connect with an independent licensed insurance agent to review benefits, services and costs.


Call: 1-844-341-8222

While we are pleased to offer these membership possibilities, please note that in order for UCA to make these additional benefits available we need to share that:

  • UCA is not a merchant, manufacturer, or a provider of these additional programs or services,
  • UCA may change service providers at its sole discretion,
  • Providers of services at discounted pricing receive no reimbursement from UCA and UCA assumes no liability or risk for payment for services to these providers,
  • All classes of membership that include insurance are handled directly with licensed entities. UCA is not an insurance company and does not sell insurance,
  • UCA assumes no liability or risk with regard to insurance services and neither receives nor processes premiums or claims and receives no commission with regard to insurance,
  • any insurance coverage is made available by licensed insurance companies who issue policies to the UCA for the benefit of members, and
  • these group policies are subject to terms and conditions, limitations and exclusions and are not Major Medical or Comprehensive Medical Insurance coverage, and are neither Minimum Essential Health Benefit Plans under Affordable Care Act or Policies of Workers’ compensation Insurance under state law.

As always, thank you for your interest in letting UCA help you. We look forward to welcoming you as a member in the Unified Caring Association and to providing the level of benefits you choose.