I strongly believe that peace and unity are among some of the most important things for our country to achieve. In order for a country to thrive and be strong, the people must work together and be as one. There must be fellowship and patriotism. There must be charity and compassion. When citizens are willing to stand together and help those in need, it creates a beautiful society where everyone feels unified and valued. I believe the first step to creating a nation with these attributes is obtaining equality for everyone.

If I were so lucky as to become the leader of this great nation, the first thing I would do to promote equality would be by becoming an example and a role model for all of Americans. I would do my best to be an unprejudiced, unbiased, and fair leader. I would make sure to treat everyone, no matter their ethnicity or gender identity, with love and respect. I would work to eradicate all discrimination and segregation. I would be fair and honest with everyone and in all my dealings. As president, many people would look to me for guidance, and by modeling the kind of persons citizens need to be in order to bring our country together, I could have a significant influence on how people act.

I would also work hard to fix is the issue of gender equality. This is a source of conflict for many Americans. It has definitely divided our country in a lot of ways, and although we’ve made progress, I would do everything I could to remedy the situation further. I would propose laws that ensure the equal pay of men and women in the workplace. I would push for more women to fill leadership roles in government. I would support programs campaigning to eliminate gender expectations and stereotypes. I would make my views clear: that males and females are equal and they should be treated as such.

Another thing I would promote is equality among race. Racism is obviously a huge problem in America and a lot of people struggle with it. Many citizens who are not white, such as African Americans and Hispanics, feel isolated, discriminated against, or even hated because of their color. This is something that needs to change. As president, I would support and fund programs and campaigns looking to eradicate racial issues and educate people on race and equality. I believe racism is one of the biggest reasons our nation is not united in the way it could and should be. This is an issue I feel very passionate abound regardless of whether I am president one day or not, this is something I hope to make a difference in during my lifetime.

Overall, I feel that really could make a change in our society. If one day I was blessed with the opportunity to govern America, I would make it my personal mission to make it a better, more unified place to be. I would do my best to make sure everyone feels like an important part of this great nation and knows that I want the best for them.