Being the president of the United States is an extremely pressured duty. Especially when it comes to promoting peace and unity. If I were president I would promote more patriotism. I believe that the more pride and passion people have for America, the more they will want to live peacefully with one another. From my experience, it is extremely difficult to bring peace to a country. I lived in South America for four years, and one thing that I learned was that The United States is very committed and prideful in their country compared to other countries. If I was the president I would try to be a passionate and devoted president. People learn from example, and If I show the citizens of the United States that I love living in this country, then many people would see that example and want to follow it.

We live in a world today where everyone is arguing about politics. If I was president I would try to eliminate the arguing through passiveness and humility. If I as a president could unite the parties of people about a common cause, such as peace in the country, It would be easier to establish peace. Many people say that if they had one wish, they would wish for world peace. If I was president, I would not only wish for it, I would do something about it. One way to promote unity is through service. When people help others out, they feel empowered and passionate. As president, I would be a good example of service through helping the communities and saving funds to help those in need. This example would help others do the same. If we can get people to have that good feeling, they will begin to share that with others and it will spread on a greater level. We can establish national fundraisers, national service days, service is schools, etc. These ideas will help teach people how easy helping others can be. By uniting the people to help, the country will be improving its peacefulness nationally.  When we teach other how to serve young, they will establish those great habits at a young age and be able to use those habits for years to come. These habits can unite everyone with a common cause, a Passion for Peace. This Passion for Peace will introduce a new form of peace that the country can actually enjoy. It creates a new pastime and a new way of life. As president, I would introduce this movement and get as many people as possible to join. I would share that every little action helps, no matter who you serve. It creates a chain effect and allows others to continue the service. I have faith that no matter how many people being to serve, it will cause an effect, no matter how small! These people that I influence will find peace in their life, and be able to spread that peace nationally. By uniting people, no matter how small of a group I will influence, it will benefit the nation in many ways.