Worldwide peace and unity are fairly well-shared ideals amongst the global population. However, the steps needed to reach the final goal are difficult to recognize. As president, the position comes with many powers that present a strong foundation to achieve harmony. Before beginning with the steps, examining the works of former peaceful influencers such as Mahatma Gandhi, Cesar Chavez, and Martin Luther King Jr. would serve as an immensely beneficial place to start.

Following a productive examination, applications of the knowledge and ideals of those influential figures will bring about the best results. One majorly important action in promotion of worldly harmony is to be a harmonious president. As the leader of the nation, the citizens take after what they see. Should I be president, I would be sure to emulate what I wished to see in the nation. This would mean being a peaceful but yet powerful speaker, negotiator, and leader. A single presidential speech has the potential to reach hundreds of millions of citizens. The condemnation of unrest, prejudice, and hate would ring loudly throughout the country. With the idyllic character leading the country combined with numerous years of presidency, the positive effect would be lasting.

Simply living a peaceful life as president would not be enough to reach the ultimate goal of harmony. Proactive measures would also have to be taken; inside and outside of the nation. Beginning with internal affairs, I would initiate partnerships with non-profit organizations that promote philanthropic initiatives. Giving power to the organizations aimed at accomplishing goals of peace and unity will greatly help with the progress.

As for the external peace affairs, creating strong alliances of peace with foreign countries would help with unifying alien populations. Too often are countries and the varying people within those countries separated from outside cultures and influences, particularly in the United States. As president, I would want to encourage Americans to recognize, learn about, and appreciate different cultures and countries. Hopefully, this encouragement would transcend to inside the country as well, in order to alleviate some internal cross-cultural and race issues. Another benefit that would come with partnering with peer countries would result in better foreign relations. Being an understanding, reserved, and peaceful president should create an improved atmosphere with foreign leaders; signifying to them that the United States is a peace-seeking and unified country intent on developing a beneficial relationship.

The last additional thing I would do as president to promote harmony in the world would be to involve myself with the movement in-person. Simply talking about the issue and handing the tasks off to an assistant is easier than personally being involved. This would mean that I take the time out of my day to attend peace festivals, converse with foreign citizens of differing cultures and backgrounds, and by overall setting an example for the people looking up to me; adults and children alike.

With keeping the promotion of peace and unity constantly a part of my presidential efforts, I would strive to beneficially impact the worldwide population for not only my time in office, but so much so that it lasts for generations to come.