❤~The True Definition of Caring~❤

Caring can be perceived in many ways. People can have many things, and beg for more, when there are others that sit on streets with absolutely nothing.

My best friend, Janet, has been in foster care for three years. Up and down other people disrespect their mom’s and say they wish they weren’t with theirs, but my best friend can’t even see hers and wishes she could. Janet is the type of person who will go out their way when someone is feeling sad, to see what’s wrong.

Knowing Janet she would probably die for someone, or something she really cares about. She had a bad childhood, but somehow can put it all aside to help someone else. It’s almost scary.

Though she can set all her feelings aside, she is dying inside. With the problems she goes through, she is still mindful. Janet thinks no one can help her with her problems. And since she grew up without someone to talk to, she doesn’t want anyone to feel the same way she did.

To me, she is the true definition of caring. Any day, even if she doesn’t know you she’ll ask “How are you,” not because she has, but because she actually cares. She’ll stop all the things she wants to do, to sit down and talk about how you feel instead of just herself.

My view of caring means to think about others, instead of just yourself. If someone is sad, you can maybe attempt to see if they’ll talk to you about it. If not you can simply respect their wishes to be alone. For example, If I were at a restaurant and I saw a homeless woman, and I had a bunch of money that I originally was going to get a full meal. I would buy her a meal instead, because thinking about it, you have way more than she does and she is maybe halfway starving. The least you can do is actually care enough to make sure the woman can eat.

If it were up to me I would make sure all the less fortunate people can get funds. I would donate to shelters, foster cares, and kids growing up with only one parent, can get scholarships.

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world,” Margaret Mead said. I do not want to grow up to be the super conceited one. I do not want to be known as someone who doesn’t care. I want to be known for being kind, caring, helping others, and just simply being the person I am. After all many people changed the world just by caring. For example, Barack Obama. He created Obama care, because he actually had a heart, and cared for many of the struggling people. To be honest, I do hope I win this prize, but if not it is definitely fine by me. Because just simply caring, being kind, and knowing who you are, is enough for me. I am Alai’Jah Brown and no prize or anything else can take away my heart.