Caring is a trait that displays kindness to others.  Being a caring ambassador for my school would involve me concerning others and being selfless.  Nowadays, people express themselves as caring, but what does it take to be caring?  It is known that moods and feelings get passed on to others by just being near each other.  If people are caring around you, it is more likely the trait will spread and hopefully no one is cruel to one another.  If I were the caring ambassador at Salinas High School, I would inspire other students to be more caring by hosting activities and putting up decorations to lighten the mood of the school.  If we all come to school dreading the day, our moods will be sad and resentful.  By putting up cheerful decorations, the mood of the students and teachers will feel more welcoming and fun, which should make others express a more caring mood.  From personal experience, during homecoming week, ASB decorated the halls with all sorts of decorations pertaining to the theme.  The theme was holidays, so each hallway was decorated with Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and New Years.  When you walked down the halls, you could feel everyone’s moods were happier and more cheerful.  Just some simple decorations can help the whole school improve their mood, and I believe when students are happy in school, they tend to succeed more.  As caring ambassador, I will make it a point to decorate the hallways more often than just homecoming week, and even classrooms.  I feel that selfishness is a pretty big trait that most high schoolers carry.  Being selfish leads to not caring about others and the way they feel, often coming off as careless.  If everyone was taught to be selfless, and care about others the way they care for themselves, the world would be a much better place.  One activity I could to as caring ambassador would be to make a video to show the school about how hurt students and people, in general, can feel by merely not being caring.  By using pathos, I’ll make sure the emotions bring out the importance of being caring.  By including students that go to my school in the video, it will appeal more to the audience because they know the people in it.  The video will show what can result from being selfish and not caring about others, such as depression or even suicide.  After watching the video, the students should realize that being caring is an essential trait to have, and that being mean to someone to make themselves feel good only hurts everyone else.  I believe that the key step to creating a more caring environment in school is to change the mindset of the students to know the damage of being careless.  If the students go home with a caring mindset, it will spread to friends and family, and overall the community as a whole should feel they are cared for.  Being a caring ambassador would take a lot of hard work and dedication, but the end result would be an immense change in people’s happiness and mindset.