The act of showing kindness and care is one of the simplest yet most powerful action that one can do. As the “Caring Ambassador”, my goal would be to encourage inspire my peers to not only practice the act of caring, but to also mirror these actions and words to inspire others also.

First and foremost, an essential aspect to remember as a caring ambassador is that actions speak louder than words. Many people mirror the actions that they see and learn through observation. Thus, it is important to demonstrate ways in which one can be more caring. Giving the students, the adults, and those who visit the school examples of ways in which they can show more care is important. From listening to a peer when they’re distressed, talking to a lonely kid at lunch, giving out a compliment and even holding a door for somebody are ways in which one could demonstrate this act of caring and inspire others to follow. Lead with examples.

I myself, have experienced a moment of care that had changed my life for the better. Another method to get an audience motivated to take actions and start the wheels of change is through a personal story. I experienced an act of care when my peers listened to my words. I experienced an act of care when my teachers had helped me both academically and emotionally. I experienced an act of care when a stranger had stopped in front of a distressed me and had simply asked if I was feeling okay. By sharing this story with my peers at school and with the adults that are present, it will provide a way in which I can connect with the audience. As a caring ambassador, I want my actions but also my words to move others to act and become more caring. If they realize through the speech and the story just how much an action of care can impact someone, then they will be encouraged to take action themselves.

To inspire others to become more caring, I would work to integrate the idea of showing more care more often on campus. I would work to make it regular, common sense, and a second instinct to be more caring. For example, bringing more attention to the concept of being more caring through posters around the school, talking to classes and peers about being more caring, or even creating a morning announcement that students will hear every morning. Each will encourage and aim to inspire students to be more caring and pay attention to their actions and how it impacts others.

Often, the feeling of care comes through experiences. Once people experience an opportunity or event themselves, it is enough to motivate them to continue on that path. Thus, as a caring ambassador, I would look to provide various opportunities for students, adults and families to show care and to interact with others who do care and have cultivated this feeling. For example, volunteer work such as a park clean up or interacting with animals are great ways to do so.

To conclude, there are many methods that a caring ambassador can utilize to make students more caring. However, these are the methods that are most impactful to me.