To change the world and make it a more caring place takes investing in people one life at a time. We all have people who impacted and invested in us. People who have shared their time, talents, and knowledge to shape our futures. These people have made our lives infinitely better. Some people call this mentoring, others call it paying it forward or passing it on to the next generation. I believe it is an outward demonstration of care and love for others. With the investments that others have made in us, and our willingness to invest in others, together we can impact the world and make it a more caring place.

As I look back at my childhood I see several examples of people who have shown they cared by investing in my life. It is my desire to use these experiences as motivation to invest in others, and to inspire others to do the same.  By investing in others, we set an example of caring, and motivate others to do the same.  We can use the investments made in us to impact others and ultimately change the world.

My Nana taught me patience and accuracy in baking, and the importance of giving the baked goods to others as a way of showing we care.  I now enjoy helping kids bake and give away the treats. This is my opportunity to invest in them. Time will unveil the impact this investment has on their lives.

My mom has shown me she cares by encouraging and supporting me with my education and extracurricular activities.  In turn, I have shown that I care about others by being a resource for my classmates when they need help with school.  Just as my mom has done in my life, I am making a difference in others.

While attending an outdoor camp in sixth grade, I was inspired to become a counselor.  I enjoy giving sixth graders the same memorable camp experience I had. Along with helping them build memories, I have helped promote teamwork and model good moral character while having fun.  I like helping others enjoy the outdoors while creating a safe, caring place to learn, grow and have fun.  Ultimately, I hope that someone I counseled will be inspired to become a counselor and impact others.

I have had many baseball coaches who have invested in my life.  One coach inspired me when he returned to coach me on his alma mater’s baseball team.  He returned to coach because he loved the game and wanted to give back to his community. He helped me believe in myself and be a more confident baseball player. I am now sharing this knowledge with my cousins who also play baseball.

The world would be a more caring place if we all shared our time and knowledge with those around us. Just as people have impacted my life, I can invest in others.  When we help someone else, it not only shows that we care, but that we want to see them succeed. This demonstration of care has a rippling effect when the recipient then chooses to invest in others.  If we all do our part, together we can make the world a more caring place.