If I were the Caring Ambassador for Davis High School, I would consider it a great honor and would not take it lightly. I understand the importance of this role, to be the person in charge of making sure that the school’s spirits are high. I believe that I have unique ideas that would be able to make a real difference. I would love to be able to create some form of a Caring Week to be able to challenge others to be more loving and caring. It would be an eye-opener to show how important it is to care for others and how much a simple act of caring can make such a difference in others’ lives. I would make it a point to help students to know that it is not just strangers that we need to care for, but also our friends and family because we never know who needs our kindness.

Also, I believe that an important tool for raising awareness for being kind is to have a reward system. This reward system will be different than other reward systems that only reward those who are seen as being nice. I will have a way to make sure that every caring act is acknowledged because I don’t want people to think that nobody cares when they are kind. I will do this through many ways such as a school texting hotline where a student can report to the school if someone did something nice for them, or even through a system where there would be challenges for who could do the best acts of service and who could care the most.

Another way that I would get people to be more caring as the Caring Ambassador would be to try to make it easy for others to be more caring. Through my personal life, I continuously look for ways to be more caring and when an opportunity appears, I love to take it. However, it is most of the time very difficult for me to be caring because it can be very scary to open up to somebody that you do or don’t know. Because I can relate to the fear of trying to be caring, I would try very hard to make it as easy as possible for students to be caring by providing ideas and opportunities.

Perhaps the greatest idea to help the students at my school to be more caring is to lead by example. I feel that the best thing that I could do is go around myself and be the most caring person I can be. I know how strong the power of example is. Hopefully, as people see me caring, they will be inspired to be more caring themselves and see what they can do for others. As I go around caring for people, the students will see how happy it made them feel to be cared for, and I truly hope that they would have the courage to carry that on and care for others. This is what it is all about, getting people to care for one another so that they can all feel that glorifying feeling of giving and receiving love and care.