Let us help you grow caring children.

Emotionally Smart

Learn the Language

We sourced the Moonbeam cards & book box for our members of all ages to name, claim and tame emotions that often remain in the dark. Being emotionally smart means being able to feel and deal with emotions. Join to check out this amazing tool in our online store!

Is My Child Resilient? Tool

We created this simple tool to help our members assess each of their children’s personal resilience.  Being resilient is now perhaps the most important skill every child needs throughout their development into adult life. Join to download this tool!

Videos that Help Kids Access Feelings and Emotions – Join today!

The Way I Feel

When I Feel Good About Myself

When I Care About Others

Cyber-bullying & Social Media Challenges

Before our children experience bullying online or face-to-face at any age, we need to model and instill the values and tools they need.

Stomp Out Bullying is a non-profit organization standing up against hate, racism and discrimination. Cyber-bullying and challenges with kids’ use of social networks can be solved.

World Day for Bullying Prevention is on 10/7/2019.  #BlueUp

Teaching Kids of All Ages Caring

Coloring pages on caring, kindness and positive words helps kids learn. Join to gain access to downloadable caring coloring pages for your child.

Mobile Apps…Safe, Caring, Educational!

In the vast world of mobile apps filling the app stores, we search for ones that are compatible with caring values and teach age appropriate skills.  For safety, we verify each mobile app with Common Sense Media who reviews, monitors and rates all kinds of electronic media apps.  To pick mobile apps that you won’t have to be nervous about, we have a starting list for members after you join.

Videos for Kids Under 10 – Join today!

Kindness is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler

Listening with My Heart

Color Your World with Kindness

Kindness (Oscar Winning Short Story)

Kindness is a Muscle

All About Kindness and Good Deeds

Videos for Sharing Caring with Teens – Join today!

Life Vest Inside – Kindness Boomerang – “One Day”

Life Vest Inside – Revolution of Love

A Self-Care Action Plan – How to Adult

“Under the Surface” – Empathy Film

The Secret to Increasing Your Empathy – The Science of Empathy

Too Quick to Judge