01 December 2017


If I were President, and wanted to create peace, I would make that the top priority of my presidential agenda. I feel that many would place peace at the top of their agenda as well. However, my route of getting there would be extremely abstract compared to the route most would take.

The idea of creating universal peace is the same idea as maintaining every human’s basic needs. Three and a half years of my current life have gone to studying art and the science of expressionism at The Las Vegas Academy of The Performing Arts High School. In these years, I learned that it is in the human complex and genetic makeup of our consciousness to need to create. This basic need, is easily fulfilled with art. If we were to fulfill this need, and strived to make sure everyone creates, it would completely alter our society for the better.

Many might disagree and say that the art produced may be used for hate, therefore deterring us away from peace. In that sense, even if the art provokes negativity, or it creates negative emotional reactions, that is still okay. For the opportunity to voice and react to those negative opinions will now be allowed through artistic, creative outlets, rather than through violence.

I would, as President push to bring the arts back into the budget of the United States schooling systems. This would give many students the opportunity to start learning the methods of healthy coping and expression through art at an early age. More often than not, art is often looked at as a waste of time, energy, and resources; and creativity is looked at as an unnecessary trait to possess. However, a study conducted by BeeBee Galfand in 2010 revealed that art therapy and expression leads to a relaxed and positive mind, as well as reduced stress and violence.

Keeping that in mind, my administration would push for a reform in the prison system as well. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 77 percent of all criminals will commit another crime within the next 5 years of release. Around 30 percent of these second offenses are violent crimes. If we could somehow integrate more art expression into the prison system, teaching criminals to deal with aggression and violence through art rather than carrying out their emotions on others, we would again decrease crime, therefore increasing peace.

I have seen the benefits of art expression and the peace it can bring first hand. After the tragic mass shooting occurred in my hometown of Las Vegas on October 1st, all hope was lost, and public outcry was soon to occur. On the contrary, my city, being the creative hub of artists it is, flourished instead. It seemed as though the entire city went to work– creative work. All over town, murals, art installations, political art and propaganda were popping up. All of these, making a difference, as well as healing the city, one artwork at a time.

I truly believe that art is the universal language. It is understood by all, but spoken by few. If we focused on letting everyone have their chance to speak this language, the possibilities of unity and peace are endless.