My definition of courage would be to have the heart and the braveness to step up to any situation that may make you vulnerable. When it comes to courage only a few will this have strength people who are fearless like me and who are not afraid to fail have this character. Growing up in Los Angeles, Ca was not an easy thing I had to be Courageous from sun up to sun down. I was originally born in South Central a place synonymous with drug dealing and gangs. It was a very rough environment  especially back in high school that’s when my courage developed. I had opportunities to join a gang in my neighborhood but I chose football. Of course I got hit with temptations with being around all the bad boys who got all the popularity and unworthy women surrounding them so you start to want the same thing. I had got hit with a reality check because those same guys that were popular back in high school are in jail with no parole. I had the courage to stay true to myself and not follow the crowd like everybody wanted me to instead I became a nobody that people didnt want to be around. I no longer feel ashamed because having the courage to be a leader and not a follower especially in a society of  monkey see monkey doo’s it kept me out of prison. Not following the crowd kept me alive and most importantly got me my high school diploma. I had a couple of friends who were involved in gang banging but I didn’t let it affect me I always thought people did that for attention then I came to realize it was there to bring us apart. I used football and discipline to keep me off the streets of LA an in return I found myself not caring what people think I found out how hard it was for someone to influence me to doing something that was gone hurt my future. I plan on helping people face their fears that’s my definition of courage so many people live their life wondering how people feel about them, what people think about them etc. So many people go through life saying I want to do this or I been trying to do that or I been thinking about doing it instead of actually getting to action and doing it. I Believe my purpose is to tell people my testimony and explain to people that someone always have a situation that’s way worse than theirs. I came from a broken home I came from domestic violence I didn’t start  playing football and lifting weight for no reason I did that because I got tired of a man putting his hands on my mother then that day came. I was finally strong enough and had the courage to help her out. Im not gone try to force anyone to have courage but in order for you individuals to developed this power you have to get mad. You have to get angry you have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired once you reached that breaking point of that’s it I’ve had it you will be ready to face anything.