It All Could Be So Simple

Through my artistry I paint the most vivid image in the minds of my listeners. In my songs I promote peace, unity, dedication, and positivity. I feel like all the music that’s played on radios today was meant to mislead the youth and incarcerate my people. My goal is to put an end to that and bring real music back. I want to lead a new wave that would make real Hip Hop come back from the dead. By doing this the crime rate would go down and people would be more inspired rather than angry and restless. In my opinion it’s a million times better to bring my people together then be the factor that helps destroy them mentally.

I have already started the process of spreading positive music. In the last project I created, I brought many positive ideas and real everyday concepts in the lyrics. The main listeners I targeted where teens my age. I believe youth are the most important people to touch mentally. We are the next generation and the ones who will come forth and develop new laws and discoveries. Kids who are younger than teens soak information up like a sponge, so they’re the ones who are most affected by negative imagery in the music industry.

Social media and technology also have a huge roll in this. That’s why I want to spread positive and life changing messages in my artistry.

 “I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.” – Tupac Shakur Like Tupac I want to inspire other artists to also spread hope and light through their musical talents. I just want to show other artists that it’s okay to go outside their comfort zones. But if I have to be the example for other artists, I’ll kindly be that beacon of light for everyone else to follow after. I want to show kids and adults that hope still exists and dreams do become a reality, if you work hard enough for it. I know this for a fact because I’m currently going after my dreams and I’m gaining good results. This is how I personally know it’s not impossible to obtain your dreams.

My plan to continue to promote peace and unity throughout my life is to eventually make my own music youth program. It would be a safe haven for kids who have talent and want to express themselves. In certain ways it would be similar to the Pico Youth Center but instead of just one, I would have Centers set up across the city’s. They would all be working towards the same goal to help keep kids off the streets. The youth centers would also help them create their own career paths. By doing this I believe are communities would grow stronger and more united. Also, there would be less unemployed and homeless people in the community’s.  I work very hard to touch the hearts of the people who are close me. I do that just to help spread positive vibes and energy faster. Eventually I believe I can save the torn communities and help make living for the less fortunate a little easier.