For someone who has lived with and depended on their parents most of their lives and having to suddenly leaving in order to find opportunity and freedom, a defining moment in my life if I’ll make or break would have to be living on my own and pursing a PhD in Artificial Intelligence in order to go as high as I can with access utilizing my potential to the fullest and make it here in the bay-area despite skyrocketing rent prices. Given the challenges of living at shelters, I’m taking every calibrated and appropriate resource that lightens my hardship and relying on my inner strengths if I could criticize my self I would find what I’m doing to be courageous, I strive everyday with the heart that I’ll look back and smile at my accomplishments and problems I’ve solved. In this very moment of my young adult life, decision making has been more crucial now more than ever. I quit working in the labor industry with  only a few jobs later I realized that for as long as I don’t have higher education to back me up, I’ll never be able to lead a team the way I’ve charted while in the work force especially being African-American and Mexican the world doesn’t see you for the light that you are, as skilled as I can be at illicit activities which requires knowledge of a number of trades, stuff I can get paid for like hacking, making someones house/car smart and secure or engineering its scary to see what you can be versus how the world looks at you.

 Allowing a higher power in my life to lead me in to the right direction has to be the most awesome feeling for someone who had lost faith in them selves and in an intimate relationship with the Most-High, Most-Merciful, the Most-Compassionate. The best advice I am able to offer someone is find what makes you passionate, and be your own supper hero. No body can fasten a relationship with you and the Most-High so if I would want a life a true bliss and success I would pray on it and let gravity take its course. I’ve always wanted to live here in downtown Oakland/Jacklondon, I never envisioned living here you normally have  money or work in the government or own some business or work in tech who knew it would be through the Covenant House, what give me more courage is taking a walk around the marina which and downtown and really appreciate where I live. One of my favorite quotes from the alchemist is “when you want something all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it” -Paulo Coelho which inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and trust that all I need to succeed is to give the fear of failure to the Most-High the true owner of that situation. Although I’m frightened of what could be spiraling my way I trust in a higher power that I’ll be finished with college soon and starting my own projects solving problems and making discoveries, pacing there one step at a time a day at a time. I’m someone who’s suffered a number of abuses as a minor, how I’m striving, everyday I’m courageous.