The Crescendo

I can’t make peace with just one hand, I can’t make peace with just one mind.

I will give you love with the mindset of do or die Just like my friend from the Jordan rise. rise I’m looking in the mirror, reflecting on my life, thinking of the days when peace wasn’t right.


Two years later and I’m still alive, what have I done about the youth’s cry.

I’ve dreamed a dream so different from streams, It flows like a


I haven’t done a thing, but I want to sing the song that will make the bees not sting

I want to show people the stars I bring.

My stars are my missions

My mission is to create a well known, and protected place for immigrants and homeless people to stay, and feel safe.  a place of home and communion.

My mission is to serve the youth in Los Angeles and their parents, the  struggling parents and single parents.

Rebuilding the city. With the money I make from music.

My music is so alive

Moves volumes up and never stops

his name is


Since a kid I grew up believing in Jesus

And since a kid I’ve believed in Jesus

I see the tears in the eyes that see no peace in life

I said

I SEE THE EYES LACKING unconditional love from their neighbor

I said so many things.

But how will create what I do not see.

I was told don’t just talk about it be about it.

I try hard every day to be kind and think good thoughts of people. I try every day to be a positive person and influence in their life, someone who stays true to who they are. Someone with good morals and genuine intentions.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand the free verse I write in this poem.

my creativity runs free

Like how we’re supposed to be.

I can’t make peace with just one hand that’s why I have two. I can’t make peace with just one mind, I’m not the only one who wants peace… I can’t make peace by just standing here in my room typing this I have to do it. Peace and unity isn’t something I don’t believe in. money or not I’ll put my life on the line for peace and unity. I will love you unconditionally. I will love with the mindset of do or die. I must put my all into loving the people around me as Jesus did. I must sacrifice my image for the greater good of the people. To me Love is the cure for everything


With that being said about my dream and how I want to do it. The next question is why am I so passionate about making this happen. When I was a little kid growing up in South Central Los Angeles peace an unity literally was what I was longing for. I had a dry mouth thirst for it. I didn’t want to be scared of my streets anymore or trapped in a mindset of kill or be killed and fighting all the time I wanted to be free. South central planted the seed And soon it will be time to eat from my fruit