Being caring and kind to others is a concept I challenge myself to implement in my daily life whether that be at home, in school, or at work. Unfortunately, on certain bad days, I do find myself having a pessimistic and judgmental attitude towards others around me. Being caring and kind to others can be implemented more in my personal life and in school by choosing to never judge someone based on their culture, religion, gender, ideology, or sexual orientation. For years, I’ve been struggled with accepting the fact that I was different, whether that be my ethnic origin or even my sexuality. Throughout the years in elementary and middle school, I always wondered how kids around me could publicly support equality when ironically, they were the oppressors that picked on me for being different. One characteristic I remember specifically associating with someone who was caring and kind to me, was open-mindedness. That characteristic specifically stood out to me because my whole childhood, I was bullied for acting feminine by students and adults that decried my sexual preference, which I could not control. However, instead of accusing others for my depressing childhood, I choose to use my experience as a guidance for helping individuals that are going through similar situations. Also, my experience has shaped me in way that has helped me discover my true identity, one of them being my sexual orientation. My plan for implementing a more caring and kind environment in my personal life and in school would be to treat everyone with the kindness and respect that any individual deserves, despite any differences that may seem foreign. This year, I’ve had the privilege of being one of the head leaders for my school’s freshman advisory program called, ‘Bulldog Mentors,’ where we assisted the incoming freshman with high school advice as well as intellectual and emotional support. One important advice that I’ve stressed this year to my freshman group, is to treat others with respect, kindness, and acceptance. Having been in middle school four years ago, I understand that the maturity level is much lower than in high school, which is why I emphasized the importance of having an open mind and an accepting attitude towards others.

Furthermore, I am planning on joining student organizations in college to surround myself with others that have the same ambition for equality and acceptance in all circumstances. Being a senior in high school this year, I am graduating this year with the fundamentals of education, life, and learning that I will continue to utilize throughout my life. One important aspect I’ve learned in all my years of being in high school, is to treat others the way you want to be treated. As cliché as that sounds, it’s truly one aspect of high school that I admire the most, not only because I was constantly reminded to conform to society’s perception of how a young boy should act, but also because I value acceptance and kindness in all its forms