Caring is being the guardian of your loved ones. I have been a giver of care as a child and witnessed, first hand, the remedy simple aspects and actions of life provide for those in need of company or a smile. It is painful to see your mother physically weakened by the effects of cancer, to see that the legs that could dance their heart out once before can no longer move without sharp pain and a limp. As I grew older I began to realize the severity of the disease within my mom which I did not understand before, even so, I always cared for my Wonder Woman. Sometimes I would wake up early in the morning with my dad, holding his hand as we walked into the kitchen, and place the ingredients for a ham sandwich upon the kitchen table. As I slowly spread the mayonnaise onto the golden, toasted bread with the utmost care and precision, I could not help but smile as the excitement of seeing my mother take the first bite of this sandwich, and taste the care and love put into it flooded my mind. An abundance of joy filled my chest when I looked up at my dad and told him the food was ready while I grabbed a tray from within the kitchen cabinet and a cup from the sink. I could feel that my dad cared too as he made sure to shake the container of orange juice, no pulp, and slowly poured it until the glass was half full. Often times I would enter the room with no food in my hand and hug my mom, tell her I love her, and kiss her on her forehead. Often times I would try to make her laugh or even simply smile before her meal. However, I wanted to make things a little different this time, so I tied an apron around my waist, placed a chef hat on top of my head, and walked slowly through the hallway into the bedroom where my mother would sometimes be sitting up as if she knew the love she would be presented with. As my dad and I approached the wooden door acting as a wall between my mother and I, I took a breath and bursted in with the words “Bon Apétit..” leaving my mouth. My mom smiled, chuckled, and reached out for what seemed like the food. With a graceful walk, I stepped to the side of the bed and placed the food above her lap. Although the food was already on her lap her arms still remained extended and it occurred to me that I had not yet hugged my mom so climbed onto the bed, and laid beside my mom with one arm around her stomach and my head on her shoulder. “Good morning, mom! I love you, I hope you enjoy your breakfast!” I said to her as she placed her head above mine and wrapped her arms around me. “It’s perfect, mi amor! I love you too.” she responded followed by a kiss on the forehead and a tightening of her arms. It was this joy that I saw upon my mom’s face which let me know that putting care into simple things can make a loved one smile. It let me know that care means being the caretaker and protector for family in need. I love my mother and I care for her immensely. To this day she is still my Wonder Woman, and I will never stop caring.