If I was the caring ambassador of my school, I would start by leading by example. I would go out of my way to serve other people both at school and away from school. I would help people with their school work, talk with people who seem lonely, and go out of my way to make new friends. One nice comment or smile to someone can have a big impact on their attitude and how they treat other people throughout the rest of their day, so never underestimate the effect of being kind. People are often conditioned to think that service must be a major project for someone else, but that’s inaccurate for two reasons. For one, service can be as simple as sitting by someone that’s alone during lunch or smiling at someone in the hall. The little things can truly make the biggest difference. The other is that service isn’t just for the person you’re helping, but it’s also for you. Serving others creates a feeling of humility and love for those you are serving, and I love that feeling. To help inspire other students at my school to be more caring, I would start a club called care and invite anyone at the school who wants to join to come meet. At the meeting I would plan to make bracelets that say “care” on them and pass them out to anyone who joins the group. Then I would give each member more bracelets and tell them to go out in the school and serve others, and to everyone they serve, to give them their own bracelet. People would start to be nicer to each other and soon many people would have the bracelets. As people start to wonder where they’re all coming from, they’ll start to ask questions about what they mean. More and more people will become interested and soon there will be a greater feeling of caring throughout the whole school. People would be nicer to each other and make new friends by doing things for other people that they normally wouldn’t do. As people start to be kind to others that they haven’t met, they’ll meet many new people and in turn, will develop a greater unity here at Davis High School. After the bracelets and service were in progress for about a month, I would then try to incorporate a video for the club during an assembly that would show acts of service performed during the month of service. I would have the message of the video show that we shouldn’t just serve others to pass out the bracelets, but so we can better the lives of those around us and make school a more enjoyable place to be for everyone. I believe that everyone deserves to have friends and to be treated like part of this great student body. We have a great slogan at Davis High School which is “Defend the Tradition”, and I think we need to create a new tradition of caring for one another. When people think of this school, they should think of the great unity and friendship we all have with one another. We should have everyone else’s back and rally around people who are going through tough trials. That would be the best tradition.