The common phrase we all have learned in our schooling years: “Treat people how you want to be treated”, goes a long way in life. No matter what path one follows in life, this phrase should be implemented as it symbolizes kindness and caring. While many people around us are struggling to find a purpose in their life, or simply aren’t in the position they want to be in, we must care, appreciate, and sacrifice our time for them. However, while it is crucial to show kindness towards people in our communities that are struggling, we must also be considerate towards students and people around us. Therefore, the act of caring and kindness can be implemented in people’s personal lives and in schools by making sure nobody feels left out, and by volunteering to prepare and deliver food to senior citizens.

One effort we can all make in schools is making sure we do not exclude any students. In other words, unless a student simply wants to be left alone, we must make sure everybody participates. Currently, whether it is during lunch, recess, or even in classrooms, many students tend to ignore others who want to be included. What many students don’t know is that just because a student is introverted or shy, doesn’t mean that they are “loners” or are “weirdos”. As a student who struggled with this throughout middle school and elementary school, I feel like this is where schools lack. Because of the absence of caring and kindness many students offer in this situation, they aren’t taking into account how much these introverted students need people in their lives. Some struggle with family complications, or even suffer from depression, and if students begin including students who are often alone, the school community will be more unified. Furthermore, those introverted students will feel loved and will begin to open up to others. But in addition, the students that begin to help others be included will feel that warmth in their heart, because they just made their day.

Another effort we can all make in our personal lives is helping prepare and deliver food to senior citizens. While this organization is commonly known as ¨Meals on Wheels¨, I feel like our community can do a better job assisting senior citizens. One question we should all ask ourselves is: “What if my grandfather/grandmother was in a stage in their life where they can’t move or aren’t able to prepare food for themselves?” If everyone answered this question, the majority of people would agree to help senior citizens because they wouldn’t want to see their grandparents in a handicapped position. Showing care and kindness to elders creates a satisfying feeling, as they begin to appreciate and love you since you sacrificed your time and energy to help them. But not only do the senior citizens appreciate you, but so does their family, as you give them hope in life.

Preparing and delivering food to senior citizens and making sure nobody is excluded are both ways caring and kindness can be implemented in a school and personal life setting. No matter what one´s life story is, everybody needs to be considerate to everyone. Therefore, we are more unified as a school and a community.