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You will receive resources, guides, benefits, positive news, savings for pets and discount shopping up to 50%.

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  • Resources
  • Discount Shop Pricing
  • Positive News
  • Guides
  • Pet Products & Information


  • Resources
  • Discount Shop Pricing
  • Positive News
  • Guides
  • Consumer Savings
  • Medical Savings and Insurance Benefits
  • Pet Products & Information

Understanding UCA Member Benefits

Your life what we care about.  We want to help you have  a better life, a more vibrant life and a healthier life.  In today’s desensitized world, now more than ever is the time to stand up for heartfelt, sincere caring, including caring for yourself.  Being a member of Unified Caring is being a part of a caring community inspired to share ideas, tools and resources that promote caring.  A more detailed description of UCA member benefits is below.  How can we serve you?  Let us know if there are other benefits you would like to see at UCA.

All Members Enjoy


Life is challenging.  Problems arise and we may get discourage or feel lost.  Find inspirations and tools to overcome some of life’s hardest times or to simply uplift your day.  Share with others and spread caring.

Discount Shop Pricing

Explore and shop for items about caring made by people that care. We have gifts, t-shirts, apparel, home décor, cards, pet supplies and charitable items that support nonprofits.  Get savings up to 50% off.

Positive News

Read a news feed that highlights what’s right in the world.  This members only feature can enhance your life and remind you that people really do care.

Caring News

We keep you up to date with our caring initiatives.  The Caring News provides members with progress on projects and involvements.


The Guides are available to help harness potential and happiness.  Choosing from a multitude of titles, you are encouraged to explore and expand your thoughts through self-inquiry exercises that lead to better caring for yourself, caring relationships, caring at the workplace and giving back through caring.


Because we are aware that personal pets have become so important, we decided to make a special category for them.  Pet supplies are available at discount pricing.  Pet information is available for free.  We would like to keep you updated on all new products and theories.  We work with regular and homeopathic vets.

Additional Benefits for Diamond Members

Medical Savings and Insurance Benefits

In addition to our mission oriented benefits and services, other membership options may be available in your area. Find out more about a variety of medical savings, services and insurance benefits that are included with the Diamond level membership plans.

Consumer Savings

Members save on shopping needs with access to over 1,000 well-known merchants nationwide through our Member e-Shop. It’s so easy to save money including up to 20% in rebates and 60% in discounts.