Caring, a display of kindness and concern for others, is something that means a lot to me. Knowing someone cares about you can make you the happiest person in the world while not knowing can put you in a bottomless pit of depression. One little sign of affection can change somebody’s life in an instant. Caring to me is reason to live and to move forward. In this past year of my life caring has greatly affected my life.

In the beginning of this school year I was transferred to a new school called Animo Westside. All of my friends from the other school had all stayed together and I felt alone. Since I had come a month and a half late to Animo all the new kids had friends and I was all by myself. I began to seclude myself from other people and I felt no one cared for me. Eventually two of my closest friends became too busy to talk to me. I felt I was to boring and not good enough for them to care about me. I became so depressed that I stopped eating breakfast and lunch which caused me to not be able to sleep at night. I thought my family didn’t care about me because every day I would get in trouble and they seemed disappointed in me. Not eating and the lack of sleep made me irritable and mean to everyone. Eventually my parents realized that I had been depressed and my mom decided to bring up the situation. We ended up talking and she reminded me that many people had cared about me and that I was loved. Hearing that people cared about me and opening up to my mom made me feel happier. My mom had realized that I didn’t start the new school off how I should have and that I was alone. She talked to my dad and convinced him to allow me to go back to this school. Two weeks after my birthday they transferred me back and I got to see all my old friends. They explained to me that there had been lots of work and that they were to busy to talk and we rekindled our friendship. I began to resort back to my normal self and I was happy in life knowing that I’m not alone and that people care for me. I became more confident, and social now that I feel cared for. I have begun to make sure everyone I care for knows it because I would never wish anyone to feel how I felt. I know how much it hurts to not feel cared for and want to make sure they feel cared for.

Other kids around my age have become depressed because they feel that nobody cares about them. Caring is important to me because it gives me a reason to move and be happy. Knowing someone cares for me makes me want to do better in life and become a better person. In conclusion caring is an important factor in everyone’s life and it can make or break someone. Caring is not just a display of kindness or taking care of someone it’s a reason to live and function whether you care about someone or they care about you.