During my life growing up Peace has not been a part of my unity in south central L.A or in other parts of L.A. what people call “The Hood”. My personal experience growing up in this environment was something to motivate me to do better so I wouldn’t have to keep experiencing it. My dad smoked a lot of weed and was an Alcoholic, he was abusive to my mother and his other baby mamas as well. My mom told me the first time he ever hit her was when she was pregnant with me at my grandparents’ house upstairs she almost fell down the stairs but my dad grabbed her and started yelling. She broke up with him after this but not because he hit her but because she found out he cheated on her having another baby before me, she didn’t even know about. It was weird because my mom said when everything was going bad for her, people in the same area was going through something bad as well. She says the devil works like a domino effect against people with the struggle in this area he knocks one down then others come along with it.

Some People in my neighborhood has the problem of rewarding themselves by doing the wrong thing, I fell down that lane as well. Going through a financial downfall drove me crazy I hated to see other kids at school have good merchandise on and I didn’t. So I decided to rob people I got that idea from seeing how others did it in my neighborhood. One night I got caught and I got the idea from the lord that I was doing the devils work and was being a big cause to his domino effect harming others financially. At this point in my life i decided to be a big cause in the lord’s effect by giving instead of receiving to those who are in need, my family agreed and started helping as well.

To have peace in your unity or change your unity to have positive outcomes you must start with yourself. Change what you think in your life that is causing an effect on others and take out the negative vibes in your life and become a positive being in earth’s atmosphere. Lead by an example for your peers and youth that look up to you and those who seek no more violence shall follow. To change others mindset to me you must step to their level of mindset and talk face to face with them on what made them start to do the negative things they are doing and tell them what it is causing in their unity and how bad they are making their selves look and the whole unity look. Ask them do you want to be living in a negative atmosphere for the rest your life and kids, kids life or a positive, wealthy, healthy life with joy all around you. If they truly are the upmost evil beings on the planet and killing for fun it’s time for the person to get serious counseling and help to find solution per the persons act up.

To have peace in you, unity it starts with You!!!!!