If I were Caring Ambassador at my high school, I would create activities to develop a more joyful spirit at the school. Kindness is contagious, so once the seed is planted, it automatically grows, even with a group of teenagers. Every time someone receives a smile from a stranger, it automatically makes them want to feel uplifted too and they end up grinning.

In order to really care for someone, I believe you need to know a little something about that person. I would propose to have a wellness day, twice a year in school, where the goal would be to get know at least five people a little bit better than before. This would be a day with no academic classes and only bonding exercises with a quarter of the whole school. Some activities that would be present are games and confessions which would really bring the school community together. Just creating memories with people you hardly know begins the road to friendship. One begins to instinctively care for someone after going through something with that person, either good or bad.

Another event that I believe would really create a sense of a united and caring community would be to have a compliment giving day in all classes. This day would be close to finals. Finals are an extremely stressful time for students, and to know how their classmates feel about them keeps people motivated. One day, for fifteen minutes in every class, everyone will sit in a circle with a piece of paper that has their name on it. Every thirty seconds you move the paper you have in front of you to the right and write a compliment about the person whose paper you received. Once you get your own paper back, you should spend a couple of minutes giggling or blushing over what your classmates think of you. One of the best things in life is to realize that there are so many people who care about and support you. This is one way to create a intricate connection with a class and eventually the class grows more and more tight knit because they realize how much they all care for each other.

For a daily dose of caring, I believe the leadership class could hold an event in which everyone writes down a quote that they think is inspiring and then we have the leadership class print out large copies of the quote and post them all over the campus so as students walk by they feel inspired to give out kindness, even through small gestures like smiling at classmates they normally don’t talk to. A smile can validate a teenager and they end up spending their day with much more confidence just because of that one smile.

Kindness is a gift that everyone deserves. It is a spark that can brighten up your day and create hope in your life. Being Caring Ambassador at my school would be an honorable job and I believe that it should be implemented in every school. A drop of kindness can create an everlasting ripple effect.