If I were to be the “Caring Ambassador” at my school, my biggest focus would be to connect all people. I feel that at many schools, the student body is divided into groups of friends, whether it be jocks, cheerleaders, band kids, etc. I would want to unite these people, so that the idea of cliques would fade away. I feel like it is easy to judge one another based on vague things that we see on the surface at school, like what activities we participate in, or who we eat lunch with. What we don’t know, is that our classmates and peers are a lot different than what we see at school. Growing up, my dad always stressed the fact that “you never really know what other people are going through” and high school has made me realize that. When I was a sophomore in high school, I went through several life-changing and really hard events, and it just made me realize how right my dad has been all those years. Those people I sat next to in class? They had no idea what was going on. The people I walked by in the hall? They didn’t know me or my life at all. It was a revelation I’ll never forget. It was during that extremely hard year that I was reminded that other people are the same way. They are fighting their own battles that you don’t know about and probably wouldn’t understand. That’s why, as a Caring Ambassador, I would love to communicate the overall idea of doing everything with love and kindness. To others, that may seem like an obvious answer, but to me it’s a lot more than that. I think that it is so easy to get caught up in our busy and hectic lives, and take things for granted as well. I can definitely say that I have judged someone without getting to know them, and I know that everyone else has too. It is so important to realize that this kind of mindset is a toxic one, and it will get you nowhere far in life. After my tough year, I made it my new resolution to remind myself to not judge people by their covers, because how would I have felt if someone had been doing that to me when I had been going through that hard period in my life? It wouldn’t have felt good that’s for sure. They wouldn’t have known what I was dealing with, and they would have just been making assumptions without knowing the back story. Therefore, I would love to spread the word of kindness each and every day. I would love to have others of all backgrounds and groups share stories of hard times they went through and challenges they faced, so that others would realize that everyone deals with things. This could also help others connect and heal, as seeing someone in a vulnerable and emotional state is rare, and by helping them, you could not only help them heal, but you could become a better and kinder person as well. I am so glad my dad always taught me that lesson, and even more thankful that I went through an experience that made me realize just how touching someone else’s kindness can be.