Implementing a caring attitude toward those around you is vital to being in a jubilant community. Students are losing their sense of respect for others and to inspire them to be more caring I challenge those around me to pay it forward. Showing others that you care can consist of doing small favors for someone, or even just a smile when passing by in the hallway.

In and outside of school, it is necessary to be kind to everyone you pass by because you never know how someone’s day is going. You are not living their life. You are living your own, so choose to be kind and care for your peers. Being a “Caring ambassador” at my school, I would build up the ideas of more wide-ranging clubs for students to join, more after school activities, and group volunteer opportunities. With a wide variety of clubs and social groups to choose from, students would have access to meet more people with their same interests, as well as those that differ.

In my school, I would promote more conversing among students, as well as among students with teachers. Teachers should get to know their students interests to show that they care more for the student than just the time they have them in class. In being cared for, it is essential that students feel as though they have an important role in others’ lives. I would encourage students to do simple gestures for one another, whether it be helping them carry their books to class, or even having nice conversations in the hallways.

I would incorporate not only the idea of making those you know well feel cared for, but also those in which you do not know personally. Giving others compliments can make everyone feel special and cared for. Hanging up signs around the school that are spreading kindness can go a long way for someone who is struggling. I would set the example of a better foundation for people to come and grow. I would help to make school a place of happiness and make sure people know that they are a crucial aspect to this school community.

Caring for others is not exclusive to favors and kind words, but additionally saying the equitable choice of words when they are needed. I encourage others to use manners. Say “please” and “thank you” when it is needed. It is very easy to forget to say thank you, but it is so important. Listening to your friends and classmates comes with respect and showing that you care. Let people tell you what they are feeling. Listen to others and take their thoughts into consideration. To show that you care, put yourself in another person’s position, and view the situation from their angle.

Showing others that you care is simple. However, it is a choice. Choose to care for those around you and make it a habit. Become so acclimated with the thought of showing how much you care that you cannot keep from doing so.