Victory to me is the ability to overcome adversity in your everyday life. Some are battling sickness, homelessness, or abuse. My victory was overcoming death of my love ones. Death, It surrounded me like a pericardium surround our hearts. At the age of 13 I lost my father due to insensitive and unprofessional care in the hospital he was only 36. My pop’s was the adhesive to our family. When dad passed away mom got addicted to drugs. As a child I felt my world was collapsing and spiraling out of control. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worst, my brother and I was placed in foster care. The first few homes were very abusive. Still remaining positive I kept my eyes towards my dreams and goals of being an iconic music artist and becoming the best man I can be, not just for me but for my brother. My songs became my diary and my only outlet from my insane neglected reality I called “life”. I was what some would call very compos mentis.

In school maintaining good grades was hard but I did well, just when I thought life was looking up my mother was murdered early November of 2010 she was only 39. I encountered many fields of battle, hell, my whole life since a adolescence I been on the front line. But losing the woman who brought me in this world, my mother, my everything was the greatest war I ever had to fight, even in today’s present day it is a consistent battle of acceptance that she is no longer here. No more random phone calls, visits I even miss her cooking. It never gets easier I believe you just learn to live with it. My mom  lives through me.Her beauty,love,grace, ambition and talent is projected through my life and every one of her kids.My mother wanted me to be successful in my music career.To lead by example.”Do don’t try”. Touch a heart and heal a mind one life at a time. I believe knowing your purpose in life makes it worth and easier to live. We all on the battlefield, no pain is greater than the next. Pain is pain.

I recently lost my son this year in July. My wife had to give birth to our lifeless child. As a father you picture this moment different. Magical, exciting, happy tears. It wasn’t.  But even in the mist of something so horrible, it was beautiful. I got to hold him, even though he was no longer with us I felt so alive and such a dead moment. I apologized to him, I let him know me and mommy loved him so much and kissed his little head. Some of you are like me, still in the war fighting. But your day is coming! Victory to me is a conquest to win. The motivation to triumph all adversity bestowed upon you. Superiority. We all are authored solders on the front line. Every day we fighting and writing our story. There will come a day we will all fall back to dust in which we came. How do you want be remembered?